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 EnerFlex® ORIGINAL -  Optimizing Immunity • Enhancing Wellness
 Food to Support Cancer Care (all types of cancer especially NPC, Breast and Colon)
EnerFlex FORTE 2.0 - Young Arteries and Healthy Aging  [Essential for Age>40]
EnerFlex HOMMES - Total Nutrition for Men's Health [Acuity,Stamina,Performance]
EnerFlex®  GETZULIN 2.0 -  Comprehensive Diabetes Well Care (Eyes,Heart,Liver,Muscle)
EnerFlex® AFA750 - Anti-inflammatory. NK Cell and Stem Cell  Enhancer
EnerFlex® CERVASTOR 2.0 - Brain-Neuron Protector with Memophenol
EnerFlex® COMPLEXION - Fish Collagen Formula with Thyroid Gland Protection
EnerFlex® D-DIET - Restore Liver Function in 90 Days (ALT, AST, GGT, A/G RATIO etc)
EnerFlex® OPTRAZAN - Clear Vision by 3mg Astaxanthin and Green Tea EGCG
EnerFlex® PLUS 2.0 - Breast, Bone, Heart and Kidney Health with 180mcg MK-7/K2
EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC - Comprehesive 5 Billion cfu BB536 Digestive Tract Nutrition
EnerFlex® PROCARDO 4.0 - Cholesterol Regulator. Keeping Arteries Young. NO Booster
EnerFlex® S-PERFECT 2.0 - Metabolic Syndrome, Balanced Body Line and Uric Acid
EnerFlex® SOY TOOTHPASTE - A Safer Toothpaste
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