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The best practice for good nutrition and optimum health is not from capsules and tablets form of supplements. Capsules and tablets are supposed for the use of medications /drug to treat diseases. However, for the convenience sake, it has become a trend for health food players to market health supplements in the form of capsules and tablets and consumers have been consuming the products for years with accumulation of chemical residues in the gastrointestinal tract without them realizing. Eventually, this may lead to accumulation of toxins and burden to our gastrointestinal tract. Once the optimum condition of our gastrointestinal tract is compromised, there will be more than 100 over unknown and complicated diseases might occur especially auto-immune system disorder. 

In conclusion, go back to the basic of nutrition practice is still the best way to optimize health. Take something that is free from chemicals from capsules and tablets. EnerFlex is your choice and it is unique because it is the only product made from soy with OPTIMIZED PROTEIN TO CARBOHYDRATE RATIO of 0.6 -1.0 powered by abundant of Soy Omega 3 Fatty Acid (Alpha Linolenic Acid, ALA) , 20 types of Essential, Semi-Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids, Soy Isoflavones,  Soy Lecithin and essential minerals for optimum health and longevity.

EnerFlex is your ideal life-time healthcare partner, clinical efficacy, quality and safety proven since 2001.

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 EnerFlex® ORIGINAL - General Wellbeing & Complete Protein Formula with Prebiotic
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