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Direction of Use:  EnerFlex AFA750 + EnerFlex PROBIOTIC (Morning),  2 sachets of EnerFlex AFA750 (Evening)

Additional Information:

  • Boosting patient's energy level and help improve the quality of life and relieve discomforts such as nausea/vomiting/insomnia/ulceration/loss of taste buds and appetite/bowel disorders/dizziness/constipation and diarrhoea in patients underwent chemo and radiotherapy - Effect by EnerFlex AFA750 in Cancer Patients from various Cancer Hospitals and Cancer Medical Centres, Malaysia (Data on file. MYHEALTHDRIVER 2003 -2005)
  • Enhancing immune system response particularly Natural Killer (NK) Cells Mobilization to help kill viral infected or abnormal cells- Effect by AFA Blue Green Algae
  • Inducing cancer cells death programme (apoptosis) - Effect by soy polysaccharides, zone-diet and soy isoflavones
  • Inducing anti-angiogenesis so that nutrients supplied to cancer cells are halted - Effect by soy isoflavones
  • Inducing Protein Tyrosine Kinase Inhibition activity to help block cancer cells growth - Effect by soy isoflavones

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EnerFlex® AFA750 - Immunity and Stem Cell Enhancing Nutrition
EnerFlex® PROBIOTIC - Most Comprehensive Digestive Tract Nutrition with BB536
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